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The mainstream media and neo-com Democrats are having a field day blasting the US Air Force and the failure of the background check system that allowed Devin Kelley to purchase the guns he used when he shot and killed many of the people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

One thing that NO one has yet mentioned is that Kelley used the same method used by illegal aliens in voting and it’s something that Democrats have been defending for years.

Technically, the Air Force did nothing wrong as they were not required to report the charges and bad conduct discharge to federal authorities. This is something that the Air Force and Congress are looking into with hopes of changing policies and procedures.

However, when Devin Kelley filled out the federal forms to purchase his guns, he lied about his mental history. In the box asking the question, he checked NO. Had he checked YES, he would not have been able to purchase his guns.

The combination of circumstances is what allowed Kelley to make his purchases.

Over the past 8-years, Democrats have been fighting voter IDs, especially photo IDs. They claim it discriminates against minorities. I’ve confronted some of these Democrats about that claim and asked them how it discriminates against minorities. They all said the same thing, that many poor people are of minorities and that they are not able to go to the proper locations to obtain a legal voter ID or valid photo ID.

I asked if most of these minority poor people receive any kind of government assistance due to their poor condition. The Democrats admitted they probably do. Then I asked if they needed any form of valid ID in order to obtain their government assistance and they said they do. That’s when I asked what is the difference between getting an ID to receive government aide versus getting an ID to allow them to vote? Generally, I get no direct answer and the Democrat either ends or changes the conversation.

The issue of needing a valid photo ID to vote has been raised many times to prevent voter fraud, which did occur in the 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections.

In many states, Illegal and legal aliens are allowed to obtain a valid state driver’s license. With that, they can easily register to vote simply by lying about their citizenship on the voter registration form. When you registered to vote, you had to check a box that asked if you are a US citizen and you checked YES. If you checked NO, you would be denied and not allowed to register to vote.

What’s the difference between the Democrats so vehemently defending the process that allows untold numbers of illegal and legal immigrants to cast illegal votes and the process that allowed Devin Kelley to purchase his guns? In both cases, all it takes is lying on an official form or application. Yet, Democrats defend one process that allows lying while trying so hard to close every loophole dealing with the other process. If one is wrong and needs to be changed, then both are wrong and need to be changed. If changes are made to the background check system to avoid the ability to lie, then changes also need to be made to voter registration to avoid the ability of lying about citizenship. Consider how many millions of Americans have died or been wounded defending the right to vote. It should be a right that is vigorously protected from any and all forms of fraud.




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