Church Glorified for Performing Same-Sex Marriages Collapsing 3-Years Later

Romans 1:18-31 talks about how God brings His judgement down on a nation or people who turn from Him and embrace a world of sin and perversion. Three times it says that God turned them over to the lusts of their hearts, dishonorable passions, debased minds and exchanging the natural relations with women for the unnatural relations with men and approving of those relations.

When one takes a good look at America today, we see the judgement and wrath of God on our nation. As a nation, we have turned away from the teachings of God and His statutes that our country was founded upon. Not only have we turned to the unnatural lusts of our hearts (which are evil continuously), but in the past few years, have approved or made legal some of those unnatural lusts, just as the Apostle Paul wrote would happen.

I remember in my lifetime when homosexual acts, specifically sodomy, were still a punishable crime, as was adultery and fornication. These actions were not only criminal offenses but were strong social taboos that often brought ostracization from many social circles and families. It was a shameful disgrace. There was a reason homosexuals didn’t come out of the closet, so to speak, because of the social disgrace and possibility of being arrested and convicted of a despicable crime.

As these lusts and perversions became more open, acceptable and approved by our society, a number of weak Christian leaders compromised their faith and biblical teaching with the ways of the secular world. They began to pick and choose what Scripture they believed and would teach and what parts of the Bible they would ignore or reject. It quickly led them to follow the ways of fallible and sinful men instead of the infallible Word of God which is THE only source of absolute truth. They traded worshiping the Creator for worshiping the created.

Consequently, God pulled His blessings away from our nation and as Romans warned, He judged our nation and turned us over to those perverse lusts and evil ways.

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One such church that was guilty of turning from God’s Word to man’s heart was GracePointe Church in Tennessee. Three years ago, this church was featured in an issue of Time magazine for their willingness to perform same-sex marriages in their facility. The church openly embraced LGBT couples and refused to preach that their actions were an abomination before God. The church is known for being a seeker-friendly and theological liberal church.

So, where has that led GracePointe Church today?

“Less than three years after ultra-progressive GracePointe Church was profiled in TIME magazine for allowing same-sex couples to ‘marry’ inside its doors, it has been on the brink of collapse and recently made the decision to sell its building in Tennessee’s conservative Williamson County in order to move to a more liberal climate in Nashville.”

“According to the Nashville Tennessean, the Franklin campus of Cross Point just signed a lease agreement with GracePointe and has the option to purchase the property, which it will move into soon.”

“As opposed to the dwindling numbers at the seeker-friendly and theologically liberal GracePointe Church, the conservative multi-site evangelical Cross Point Church is growing by leaps and bounds in the greater Nashville area, and it recently has made its strong adherence to biblical authority and the accuracy of God’s Word clear.”

Is it possible that in some parts of America that more people are realizing the negative effect of liberalism and turning away from biblical authority, and are returning to the conservative biblical teachings that made America the nation once blessed by God? The only hope of saving America is a return to the sound biblical teachings and doctrines that our nation was founded upon. Until that happens, God will continue to pour out His wrath and judgement and we will see more violence and mass shootings.



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