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Charlie Rose, the 75-year-old former anchor of CBS This Morning and Charlie Rose on PBS has been fired from by CBS and his show on PBS has been pulled due to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by at least 8 women with another dozen indicating they also want to make reports.

Rose began his news career in 1972 when he freelanced with the BBC after his wife Mary, began working for the network. Before that, Rose earned a J.D. from Duke University. While free lancing with the BBC, Rose also worked a prominent New York bank and managed to pick up some weekend reporting for a local network.

In 1974, Rose got his media break when he was hired to be the managing editor for the Bill Moyers International Report. A year later, Moyers promoted Rose to Executive Producer. In 1976, Rose won the coveted Peabody Award for an interview he did with President Jimmy Carter. From there, his news career continued to increase until he became a principle icon in the industry.

In 1991, his famed interview based program Charlie Rose premiered on PBS and continued on until the recent sexual allegations caused PBS to indefinitely suspend the program.

In 2012, Rose began anchoring the Early Show on CBS, which eventually became CBS This Morning. His position as anchor was also just suspended due to the sexual allegations made against him.

According to reports, Rose ran his own company and took liberties with a number of his female staff, touching them inappropriately and more. He would often have them come to his home to work and then parade naked in front of them. He is accused by one of his female and putting his hand down the inside of her pants and feeling her genitals.

Female staff did not know who to complain to since there was no human resources person in the company and Rose ran the whole thing himself.

Rose has not denied any of the allegations. He has admitted to some of the charges and apologized for his inappropriate actions. He tried to justify some of the allegations by saying he thought they were consensual, but some of the women making the accusations say they cried during the incidents and felt they had no choice and that if they refused or fought back it would end their careers.

Before his own allegations of sexual harassment were made public, Rose was quick to criticize others of the same behavior as his own. When he reported on Harvey Weinstein, he did so in a manor to vilify the man for his actions, while keeping his own similar actions hidden as best he could.

More recently, Rose reported on the sexual allegations made against former Alabama Judge Roy Moore who is running for a seat in the US Senate left vacant by Jeff Sessions. Moore has continually denied all of the allegations made against him and has challenged the alleged yearbook signature that one woman said is proof of her allegations against Moore. When Rose reported on Moore, he appeared to automatically condemn Moore, and supported the comments made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that Moore should remove himself from the campaign.

I wonder now if Rose was condemning Moore not on the ‘me too’ allegations made against Moore, but more due to Rose’s own conduct? Rose’s hypocrisy has been exposed. He was quick to condemn others for doing what he admitting to being guilty of.



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