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The best local news in our area is the local CBS news. When their morning news goes off, CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, comes on and sometimes we leave it on just to get an idea of what’s happening and then I often go searching for more information on various topics.

Yesterday morning, I left CBS This Morning on and was appalled once again by their extreme bias against America and Donald Trump. They obviously go out of their way to report news that portrays President Trump and conservatives as being wrong, stupid, hypocritical and immoral, when in fact it’s their own words that are guilty of all of these things.

They reported about the strong earthquake that struck Iran, just inside their border with Iraq. They showed images of Iranian’s injured and some of the earthquake damage. This is fine, but realize that Iran is a sworn enemy of the United States. Iran’s leaders have vowed to destroy Israel and call for the destruction of the United States.

However, there was also a strong earthquake that struck Costa Rica. Early reports on other news outlets report lots of damage, landslides and probable loss of life, but CBS This Morning said nothing about this earthquake. Costa Rica is not an enemy of the United States. Is this why they ignored the news of the devastation from this Central American nation?

Their reporting on the Roy Moore scandal was done in such a way as to say that Moore was guilty of all of the accusations. They briefly said that Moore denies the allegations and is calling them fake news, but the only actual interviews they showed were others who are treating Moore as being guilty and needing to step aside in the race for the Alabama US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. The news anchors were quick to show quotes from many GOP leaders calling for Moore to get out of the race, but only gave a fleeting mention of Moore’s denial.

One of the anchors actually asked if Trump was guilty of treason just because he said he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was sincere when he said he had nothing to do with any election interference. What is treasonous about saying you believe that Putin was sincere in what he said?

When Barack Obama did commit treason in aiding an enemy of the United States, no one blinked an eye or said anything about him being guilty of treason. When the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt with the help of Obama, Congress froze aid money and sale of all weapons to Egypt because the Muslim Brotherhood was a terrorist organization who was slaughtering Egypt’s Christians. The Muslim Brotherhood leadership were recorded saying that the United States was an enemy along with Israel and both nations needed to be destroyed. Yet, Obama defied Congress and freed up millions of dollars and the sale of 20 jet fighters to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Since Congress froze those things, only Congress can legally unfreeze them, not Obama. His act was clearly a national crime and treason but all CBS This Morning anchors did was praise Obama.

Earlier this year, the CBS This Morning anchors continually blasted President Donald Trump for not being diplomatic enough. During his current trip to Asia, Trump has been more diplomatic and now the same CBS This Morning News anchors blasted him for being diplomatic and not standing up against Russia and China more than he did.

This news crew has been so ultra-left in their reporting that you cannot trust most of what they say or report. They are very biased in favor of the LGBT community, black activism including black violence and Antifa and very supportive of the millions of illegal aliens. They are strongly against anything that will make America more secure or more successful. They have vocally fought against Donald Trump and everything he stands for. They have often blasted his ‘Make America Great’ campaign. Their reporting clearly indicates that they are fully supportive of the Democrats’ socialist take-over of America.

There are some days that their reporting is so biased that I have to turn them off because they turn my stomach with how anti-America they really are. There are many times that I would place CBS This Morning in the same category of slanderous fake news as CNN.



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