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Numerous cities, counties and one state, all run by new-com anti-American Democrats have been saying that federal laws do not apply to them by declaring themselves to be sanctuary locations for illegal aliens. This is nothing more than anarchy.

More cities in New Jersey are following the trend to defy another federal law if passed by Congress. Cities are passing ordinances saying they will not recognize the concealed carry permits from other states if Congress passes either the Senate or House Reciprocity bills that would require states to recognize the permits from other states just like they do driver’s licenses.

By taking this action, these cities are basically saying that the Second Amendment rights don’t apply to them or their people.

(Keep and Bear) – “New Jersey Towns Argue that the Bill of Rights Doesn’t Apply to Them!”

They may not be making the argument in so many words, but make no mistake, this is essentially what the local leaders in Northern New Jersey are arguing.


Local civic leaders are up in arms that Congress is considering passing a law that would allow gun permit holders from other states to carry anywhere they travel in our nation. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 would essentially allow anyone who holds a legal, and official permit to carry in one state, to carry in every state. Yes, even in fascist, anti-liberty states like New Jersey.

Well, local leaders can’t stomach the possibility that they might actually have to abide by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or our laws.

With Democrats deciding what federal laws they want to enforcement and what ones they want to defy, does that give the same right to the people? can we start picking and choosing what laws we want to live by and what ones we don’t? After all, they set the precedent, but the end result would be total anarchy and chaos.





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