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Every time there is a mass shooting, anti-American and anti-gun Democrats arm themselves to launch another round of gun control bills with the ultimate purpose of banning all guns from private ownership.

Traditionally, Republicans have fought against the anti-gun Democrats to protect the gun rights of the American people, but after the mass carnage in Las Vegas and the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, a growing number of Republicans are beginning to cave in to the pressure of the alt-left socialists.

With more confidence than in years past, Democrats have launched or planning to launch efforts to push at least 21 new gun control laws, all of which will chip away at the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

(Keep and Bear) – The Democrats usually spend their time trying to think of ways to stop the GOP from working, but when they get a whiff of a possibility that gun control might be on the table… they suddenly go into overdrive thinking of new ways to undermine our rights.

For example, in the wake of a few recent mass shootings, the Democrats have been working overtime trying to write anti-gun legislation that voters might actually support (fat chance).

Just to prove the point, our friend AWR Hawkins at has compiled a massive list of 21 different new gun control measures that Democrats were now attempting to shove down our throats.

We covered the first 9 of these new measures just last month.

Now Hawkins, brings us even more anti-gun laws that the Democrats are advocating…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi let it slip after the Las Vegas mass shooting that she hoped proposed measures to ban bump-fire stocks would lead to more gun control laws once the door was opened, and sadly, it seems the door is opening wider and wider. Some have even been talking about total gun bans like in Australia and the United Kingdom.





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