Vegas Shooting Survivor Still Supports Trump

The mainstream media and Democrats wants all of America that everyone victimized in the mass shooting in Las Vegas last weekend, are now adamantly opposed to President Donald Trump, the NRA and want to see more gun control laws. But then, you should be smart enough not to believe anything the mainstream media or Democrats say when it comes to Trump and gun control. They have repeatedly lied, twisted the facts and ignored the facts, to promote their anti-Trump and anti-Second Amendment agenda.

One example is how many like Hillary Clinton, Sen. Tim Kaine and many media anchors continue to blame Republicans and the NRA for legalizing bump-fire stocks when they were approved twice by the Obama administration.

Chances are, the mainstream media will not be interviewing or featuring Vegas shooting survivor Thomas Gunderson, who was shot in the leg during the massacre.

28-year-old Thomas Gunderson was shot in the leg during this past weekends shooting in Las Vegas, but when President Trump and first lady Melania Trump showed up in the hospital to visit him on Wednesday, he forced himself out of his bed and stood to receive the President in his room.

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When President saw the determination in Gunderson’s eyes he said, “This guy looks tough to me.”

Fox News has more on what happened to Gunderson:

The bullet went through and through. He suffered torn muscles in his calf and nerve pain, but the bullet missed bone and arteries. 

“It’s hard to stand — very painful,” he said…

Gunderson said that even though there are issues he doesn’t agree with, he will always stand in respect his president, his flag and his country. This wounded young man showed more respect for the President of the United States than most members of Congress, Democrats and many Republicans. Congress is supposed to be representatives of the people and they could learn a valuable lesson from this young man.




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