Transgender Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl

Many conservatives have been waring of the dangers of alleged transgender individuals. We’ve warned that it would be easy for a man to claim to be female, but still anatomically a man and then sexually prey on minors or members of the opposite sex.

Michelle Martinez, formerly known as Miguel Martinez is claiming to be a transgender woman, but evidently is still anatomically a male. She/he was at a residence with a 10-year-old when she/he got the girl in the bathroom and began touching her body and then penetrated her.

The girl reported it to her mother and hospital staff verified there was evidence of a sexual assault.

Martinez was drunk and plead not guilty, but was found guilty of first and second degree sexual abuse of a minor. It could face up to 70-years in prison.

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A transgender woman found guilty of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom could face 70 years in jail.

Michelle Martinez – known as Miguel before identifying as a female – was convicted of first and second degree sexual abuse of a minor on Wednesday.

The young girl had told police that Martinez – from Casper, Wyoming – took her to a bathroom before touching her breasts and genitalia.

She then penetrated the girl…

When Martinez is sentenced to prison, will it be in a male or female prison? Either way, it is bound to be a hit in either facility.

Since Martinez actually penetrated the girl, who told her mother it hurt inside, then the charges should have been rape of a minor which should carry a stiffer and longer penalty. This is the type of thing that we have been warning against. This is incident may have happened in a home, but it has already happened in public bathrooms, but still, the liberals insist that the majority of normal people have no right to privacy or protection.




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