Surveys Show Democrat Liberalism Gaining Ground

After the media and Democrats successfully brainwashed the American people in 2000, getting them to believe that George W. Bush and Republicans were responsible for the economic recession, the rise of Democrats.

I just want to note that the recession was caused by Bill Clinton and his mandate to the mortgage industry to come up with creative mortgages to put more people in homes. They did as told, and by the time Bush was president, many Americans discovered that those creative mortgage payments began to increase to the point where the people could no longer afford to make the higher payments. That’s when millions of homeowners fell into foreclosure and filed bankruptcy. This resulted in a glut of foreclosed homes on the market and the collapse of new construction, which then dominoed into every other aspect of the economy. As the economy fell, so did jobs and as jobs decreased, the economy fell even more and so on. In some areas of the nation, they still have not fully recovered from the recession.

With the rise of Democrats in the 2000 election, came a rise in liberalism in a number of facets of American society and life. We saw a huge emergence of homosexuality and the various associated perverted forms that go with it. It came out of the closet and onto the streets of America and spread like a deadly viral epidemic, with similar results.

Other areas of sexual conduct emerged from once sacred marital bedroom to television sets, movies, video games, music and even the public schools. Kids as young as kindergarten are being taught about homosexuality, transgenderism. Kids in 4th and 5th grade are being taught about masturbation, graphic anatomy, the use of regular and anal condoms. Sex before marriage is taught as being okay and many schools provide free condoms, all without parental knowledge Consequently, the rate of teenage sex has dramatically increased and have reached down to kids in middle and even elementary schools.

Is it any wonder that the number reports of teachers having sexual relations with students have skyrocketed? It also explains the Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood sexual scandal that is occupying the media’s time. It also explains why a Democratic president who had an adulterous affair in the Oval Office was somehow accepted by the people.

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It also explains why so many people report being sexually harassed. A Rasmussen Report revealed that 46% of likely voters say they have been sexually harassed at work or know of someone who has.

Democratic liberalism on sex and other issues are swaying more and more Americans to support the socialist healthcare system pushed by the Democrats. One survey revealed this after President Donald Trump announced that he was rescinding the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. Rasmussen Reports found that 53% of likely voters now support the contraceptive mandate, which forces Christian employers to violated their faith. However, it seems that the liberalism has many to support free birth control and abortifacients over the First Amendment rights of the people.

Not that many years ago, if a member of the military deserted their post and went over to the enemy, that person would be a total pariah and hated by everyone. However, thanks to the spread of Democrat liberalism, nearly a third of likely voters said they believe Obama’s swap of 5 key Taliban leaders for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl was a good trade. Not that long ago, the nation would have been outraged at such a trade.

Thanks largely to the mainstream media, America is rapidly becoming in infected with the fatal Democratic liberalism and like a deadly plague, it is not only destroying our nation, but will kill it!


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