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In a way, you can’t blame cities, counties and states who intentionally defy federal immigration laws. After all, their hero, Barack Obama defied them along with defying the US Constitution, congress and the courts, so why not follow his example?

The problem is that many wrongs still don’t make a wrong right and that’s what’s been happening.

On Thursday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a final notice to comply with federal immigration laws and immigration officers to five locations that they identified as still having some policy of being a sanctuary location where illegal aliens are being illegally protected.

Those five locations are Chicago, Cook County, IL, New Orleans, New York City and Philadelphia. I’m surprised Sessions did not include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin and Dallas on his list.

The Justice Department on Thursday delivered a “last chance” warning to cities suspected of having “sanctuary” policies to drop their resistance to federal immigration officials.

In a notice reviewed by Fox News, the DOJ announced that five jurisdictions “have preliminarily been found to have laws, policies, or practices that may violate” a key federal statute concerning cooperation with federal immigration officials.

They are: Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia and Cook County, Ill.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a written statement that sanctuary cities “adopt the view that the protection of criminal aliens is more important than the protection of law-abiding citizens and of the rule of law.” …

I still believe that what Sessions and the Department of Justice needs to do is to arrest every public official in the country that voted for sanctuary status and charge them with being complicit to illegal immigration. They could charge them with one count for every illegal being protected in their jurisdiction. Once these officials are arrested, charged, tried, convicted and jailed, it should being a quick end to sanctuary cities.





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