Did North Korea’s Latest Threat Indicate a Holiday Attack?

For months, little rocket man, aka North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, has been producing a plethora of threats against the United States, South Korea, Japan, Guam and President Donald Trump. They started small and innocuous. They weren’t all that concerning or threatening, but as the months have gone by, the threats have become stronger and more alarming.

In the past month, Kim has threatened to destroy Japan, around the same time that North Korea launched missile tests over northern Japan. He also threatened to test a nuclear missile in the waters off the coast of Guam. He has also threatened to strike the US mainland with a barrage of nuclear missiles, causing massive devastations.

However, in his latest threat, it seems that something is about to really happen and although the timing was not specified, many believe that Kim will act during the holiday season here in the US.

It seems that there is a new, ridiculous threat coming out of North Korea every few hours these days, with no real end in sight.

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For many Americans, this nonstop stream of hollow warnings from Kim Jong Un and his cronies has had a “boy who cried wolf” effect.  While Kim’s words have been spilling forth at a record pace, only three events over the course of 2017 have been truly threatening to the United States:  Twin ICBM launches in July and the subsequent test of a possible thermonuclear device shortly after.  Other than those particular actions, Kim has been all talk.

And while that may be cause for a minor celebration, the odds aren’t necessarily in our favor due to the very nature of nuclear war…mostly due to the fact that it takes merely one detonation to forever change the shape of a conflict for the worse…

Kim Jong-un’s escalated threats may be one of the reasons that President Donald Trump just signed an executive order to allow the military to recall more retired personnel than current laws allowed. The Air Force is facing a shortage of 1,500 pilots and may use Trump’s order to recall up to 1,000 pilots. This action is necessary due to the way Barack Obama decimated the military.




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