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Ahmed Abu Khattala, an Islamic terrorist is on trial for orchestrating the September 11, 2012 attack on the US Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya. Personally speaking, I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton should also be on trial for her part in the attack and deaths of four brave Americans.

The night of September 11, 2012, the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers, Pentagon and attempted attack on the US Capitol Building, a group of Islamic extremists attacked the US Embassy compound in Benghazi. US Ambassador Christopher Stevens; Sean Smith, a US Foreign Service Information Management Officer; Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, CIA contractors, were brutally murdered. Later reports indicated that some of the terrorists dragged the body of Stevens around and celebrated over it.

For more than 6 months prior to the attack, Stevens knew something like the attack was going to happen. He repeatedly contacted Hillary Clinton’s State Department, sharing his concerns and requesting more security. The only response he got was to hire more locals for security. After the attack, there have been a number of reports indicating that some of those locals participated in the attack, but not in protection of Stevens or the compound.

Reports indicate that Clinton failed to take a timely response to provide help to Stevens at the time of the attack because she was more concerned about diplomatic relations than was about the lives of Americans in her service. The attack lasted 13 hours and help was within 6 hours of reaching the Benghazi compound, but neither Clinton nor Barack Obama gave the order for that help.

She not only delayed in sending any help, but then she lied to the parents of two of the slain Americans. She was with the parents when the bodies were returned to the US and she promised to keep them appraised of any information about their sons’ deaths, but years later, they have yet to hear from Clinton. Two of those parents feel betrayed and that Clinton intentionally lied to them and sacrificed their sons for her political purposes. Clinton also lied to the American people when she first told the nation that the attack was due to some garage-produced anti-Islamic video, when she knew full well the reasons behind the attack.

Scott Wickland, a Diplomatic Security Special Agent, assigned to be Stevens’ bodyguard, was also present during the horrifying attack. He was present to testify at the trial of Abu Khattala. In his testimony, Wickland described how heartbreaking it was when Sean Smith and Ambassador Stevens were killed. The courtroom was silent when Wickland told the court of Steven’s last words before he died:

 “When I die, you need to pick up my gun and keep fighting.”

Wickland testified that he didn’t know if he was going to survive or die like his boss had died. He told the silent courtroom that Stevens and Smith had crawled up behind him and they looked for bedroom with a window that they could crawl out and escape from. Wickland was the first one out the window, but neither Stevens nor Smith followed him out and he knew then they had died. He said the air was so full of smoke at the time that it made him vomit. The three Americans were taking fire as they tried to get out the window.

Abu Khattala is facing a life sentence if found guilty. Clinton should also face a life sentence, but it’s been reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to bring any charges against Clinton or Obama for any of the many crimes they committed while in office. I support Sessions in many of the things he has done, but not on this issue. As leaders of our nation, both Obama and Clinton should be held accountable for their many crimes, sending a message to every other government official that they are not above the law.

Hopefully, the testimony given by Wickland, including the last words of Ambassador Stevens, will haunt Hillary Clinton every day of her life keeping her awake at night and unable to sleep without seeing the brutalized bodies of four brave Americans.




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