Middle School Teacher Takes Students to Participate in Radical Antifa Protests

Ever since the sudden rise of liberal and socialist Democrats in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama, there has been a growing number of reports of teachers at all grade levels exerting their political views on students.

In the 2008 election, our granddaughter was in first grade. Her school conducted a mock election but she told us that her teacher instructed all of the kids in her class to vote for Obama. The teacher also spent time telling these impressionable first graders why Republicans are so dangerous and why Democrats like Obama were the only hope for America. We were outraged as was our daughter, but the school defended the teacher’s actions.

In 2012, sixteen-year-old Samantha Pawlucy went to school wearing a pick Romney-Ryan t-shirt.  When she entered her geometry class at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia, her teacher Lynette Gaymon, a black woman, likened the t-shirt to the KKK:

“Approached Samantha with a red marker and attempted to mark over the shirt telling her that she couldn’t wear that shirt in an Obama school. But Samantha would not let her do it. Then the teacher told her to take off her shirt and she would give her another shirt to wear. The whole time this was happening, the teacher kept berating Samantha about wearing a Romney shirt at an Obama school.”

“When Samantha refused to take off the t-shirt, the teacher ordered her out of the classroom and again Samantha stood her ground. By the time the teacher finished her tirade, some of Samantha’s classmates joined in as did the school janitor.”

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“Samantha was so embarrassed and humiliated that she was afraid to return to the school as she had threats from other students about her shirt.  Her parents were furious and went to the school to talk to the principal and teacher. According to Samantha’s dad, Richard, the teacher half-heartedly apologized, tried to explain it was a joke and then stormed out of the principal’s office.”

These are only a few of the many reports of teachers trying to brainwash students into accepting their radical political views.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported about Yvonne (Yvette) Felarca, a teacher at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, was charged with battery and resisting arrest after a scuffle broke out at rally held in response to student organizers canceling a planned “Free Speech Week” that would have featured right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulous.

Felarca is listed as a leader of the radical group Antifa and it is now being learned that she has a history of issues with the school district who tried to take action against her, only to be sued and she resumed teaching last November. In a recent case between Felarca and the school district, it was revealed that she has been taking students to Antifa protests, against school policy and orders.

As reported:

“‘In 2011, the notice says, Felarca promised parents and students a trip to a rally at UC-Berkeley before obtaining permission from the principal to take them,’ the organization’s statement added. “The principal ultimately denied Felarca permission, because ‘it was an opportunity for [Felarca] to indoctrinate students and use them to support [her] own political agenda. Felarca acted ‘unprofessionally toward [the principal] when she denied [her] permission’.”

“Her abuse of power continued the following year, as well.”

“‘Felarca was issued another formal letter of reprimand in June 2012 for an unauthorized after-school trip where she left a student behind and later claimed he ‘wandered off,’ according to the notice, which goes on to document numerous instances of ‘abuse of leave’ over the years, during which time Felarca lied about sick and personal leave to attend political rallies,’ the report continued.”

“Her misconduct did not stop there, with more offenses stacking up the following year.”

“‘The November notice states that in 2013, Felarca was issued a formal NUC/NUP documenting ‘multiple situations where [Felarca] failed to follow District and school procedures for reporting absences, and claimed sick and personal leave to attend political protests,’ Mull pointed out. ‘Felarca was also cited for ‘insubordinate and antagonistic behavior’ at a meeting scheduled to discuss her ‘attendance issues, dishonesty, insubordination, and abuse of District technology and social media to undermine the administration.’ Felarca, the notice says, was issued ‘nine directives to comply with’ and was warned that ‘failure to comply with those directives … could be grounds for dismissal’.”

It was also reported that some students have testified that Felarca took them in her personal car on weekends to some of the protests and that she was still inviting students to take part in the militant anarchical protests.

Realize that there are more teachers like Felarca in public schools all over the nation and many of them are getting away with their anti-American indoctrination of young minds. Do you know what your kids’ teachers are filling their young minds with? If not, you had best find out quick before you lose them to the growing anti-American movement that is sweeping America.


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