Majority of Caregivers in Study Believe It’s OK to Kill Dementia Patients Without Consent

Barack Obama and his loyal minion of disciples, also known as Democrats, made no secret they patterned part of the Affordable Care Act after the National Health Service in Great Britain and the Canada Health Act. That alone should have been fair warning of the impending financial collapse of Obamacare.

Both Canada and Great Britain were already experiencing financial problems funding their national healthcare systems. Friends in Great Britain told me that the country was steadily cutting the services being covered and that the national tax to pay for the system was steadily increasing. Additionally, the healthcare was not that great.

One lady I know, Helen, who lives in England, was in fairly constant abdominal pain for months. The doctors finally determined that it was her gall bladder and that she needed to have it removed. Anyone who ever had gall bladder issues will tell you that the pain can be quite severe and mimic things like a heart attack. After determining that her gall bladder needed removing, it took 7 long agonizing months before the operation finally happened. It took months to get the government approval and then it took months to get it scheduled. In the meantime, Helen lived with the intense pain and dreaded eating anything because the pain always got worse after eating, but she couldn’t go months without food.

Contacts of mine in the northern parts of the US have reported how many Canadians crossed into the United States to seek medical care. It was free in Canada, but they were willing to come to the US and pay for care because of how poor the care was in Canada. In Canada, the government also regulated how much doctors would get paid, driving a number of Canadian doctors to move to the US.

These are the models that Obama and congressional Democrats used to create Obamacare, which should explain a great deal.

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Another thing we get from Canada and Great Britain are many social norms, trends, values, etc. The Christian church in general began to decline in Great Britain about 20 years before it started to decline here in the United States. Muslims began flooding into parts of Great Britain, taking over entire communities and local governments about 20 years before it started happening here in the US.

Many of the liberal and socialist policies in Canada have been filtering south of the border and are being embraced by Democrats, which is why this report becomes rather scary.

A recent study of caregivers in Quebec not only support assisted suicide for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, but 72% of them said they supported killing dementia patients even without a signed written directive to do so. The study was spawned by the recent debate over the sanctity of human life and from the results, human life doesn’t have much sanctity in Canada. It would be interesting to see the results of a similar survey of caregivers here in the US.

The United States isn’t far behind. California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have passed laws allowing physician assisted suicide. Alabama, Massachusetts and West Virginia ban assisted suicide via common law, while Nevada, North Carolina, Utah and Wyoming have no laws pertaining to the legality of prohibiting of assisted suicide. The remaining 37 states have strict laws banning assisted suicide.

However, with the liberalization of America and legalization of homosexuality, it won’t be long before more states will legalize assisted suicide.

Some make the argument that a dementia patient or terminally ill person should be allowed to end their life to avoid the prolonged pain, but that goes against the once Christian foundation American was build up that holds the sanctity of all life very dear, precious and something to be preserved.

America has already taken a huge step in the wrong direction when we legalized abortion. Nearly a century ago, some states legalized forced sterilization, but that practice received such public outcry that it was stopped.

Christianity is no longer regarded as sacred. Marriage and the traditional family structure is no longer considered sacred either. Many liberals view the chronically ill, terminally ill, severely handicapped and elderly as burdens on society and the health system, so would not be surprised if down the road, that not only will more states legalize assisted suicide but also legalize euthanasia for those that are a burden on the healthcare system, simply to keep costs down and keep the system affordable.



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