Hypocritical Left-Wing Movie Maker Wants to Abolish 2nd Amendment

Michael Moore won an Academy Award for Best Documentary for him film on the Columbine High School shooting. The 63-year-old filmmaker doesn’t hide his ultra-left political views and has used his films and fortune to promote Democrats and their anti-American agenda.

Several years ago when America was plagued with the Occupy Wall Street craze, where thousands of liberals per protesting not only America’s financial system but against the 1% – the wealthier people, wanting them to redistribute their wealth with everyone else. Moore fully supported the movement until it was revealed that he was worth over $50 million and in fact was a member of the 1%, and then he suddenly went silent on the issue.

Now is wanting to see a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution banning all firearms from private ownership and he wants to see the 2nd Amendment repealed.

Michael Moore should stick to making movies.  All the ones he has churned out are crap, so it looks like he needs more practice at that.

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However, following the Las Vegas shooting, Moore took to Facebook to call for a repeal of the Second Amendment and adopt a 28th Amendment that would prohibit your right to purchase what you like as far as guns go and inserts the notion that people have a right to be free from gun violence.

However, he is seeking to implement the very thing in which major cities in America, including Chicago and New York have done and yet, they continue to see increases in violent acts that involve guns.

Moore’s call for repealing the Second Amendment comes as no surprise since his film Bowling for Columbine…

Moore objects to the 2nd Amendment because it was written before modern weapons were invented, claiming it is therefore outdated. As one source pointed out, he doesn’t make the same claim about the 1st Amendment from which he has used to make his millions of dollars. Moore is typical liberal who only objects to those things that he doesn’t take advantage of, like free speech.




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