ESPN Reportedly in ‘Crisis Mode’ over Trump Controversy

If a white sports host called Barack Obama a racist black activist, that host would have probably been fired. However, when a black female sports host calls President Donald Trump a white supremacist and calls for a boycott NFL fans to boycott sponsors who align themselves with ‘America’s Team’, the host is suspended not for racist remarks but for violating ESPN social media policy.

Jemele Hill, created a nightmare controversy for her employer, ESPN over her anti-trump outburst. After suspending Hill from the Wednesday night edition of Sports Center, the network could not find a replacement for Hill and Hill’s co-host Michael Smith refused to do the show without her. ESPN caved in and allowed Hill to do the show, but some reports say that the situation is causing a great deal of controversy within the network and that ESPN is currently operating in a crisis mode.

The ongoing controversy surrounding ESPN host Jemele Hill calling President Trump a “white supremacist” continues to build, with the network in “crisis mode” according to a new report.

Citing “four sources familiar with the situation,” the news website Think Progress reported that “a top executive at ESPN” told Hill to go home on Wednesday and she was spotted in the parking lot when production meetings for her show are typically occurring.

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On Thursday, Think Progress reported that ESPN tried to replace Hill with another African-American host for her show on Wednesday evening. However, the network quickly denied the claim, telling media outlets it “never asked any other anchors to do last night’s show. Period.” …

ESPN’s allowance of letting Hill do her regular show is an example of the double standard that applies to black and white employees. Employers aren’t afraid to take action against a white employee, but many are hesitant to take action against a black employee. They should have stuck to their suspension and refused to let Hill do the show. If Smith refused to do it without her, they the network should have suspended or fired him for insubordination. There is always someone that can fill in for one show.




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