Antifa Planning Massive Anarchical Public Disobedience TODAY

A few years ago, a new extremist organization rose up and began by disrupting peaceful gatherings, usually with violence and then escalated from there. The name of the group is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In America, we have a relatively new extremist group, Antifa, that has been disrupting peaceful protests and demonstrations by attacking the peaceful people and creating violence. They have been threatening more violence to stop conservatives from speaking events at some colleges.

Many believe that the federal government should officially list Antifa as a terrorist organization, as well they should be listed.

Reports have been circulating that Antifa is planning widescale public disobedience and possible violence today, on the federal holiday of Columbus Day.

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There are plenty of factions and actions to be alarmed about emanating from the radical left, but Monday looks to be a prime example of their unequivocal brattiness.

Antifa, the largest and most ironically named of the legion of liberal organizations, has been at the forefront of violence and neo-Fascism in America over the course of the last few months.  With riotous results in Berkeley, California that took a massive chunk out of the First Amendment, the group has long been considered the most vile and reprehensible of the radical leftists.  Their purposefully vague “mission” has allowed them to mutate and infiltrate any and all left-leaning clans of cretins, including the horrendously misguided social justice statue stooges.

Antifa, like the rest of their leftist brethren, are ready to rewrite history by labeling everyone who came before them racists, as evidenced by their campaigns to remove historical markers and statues around the country…

One of the dangerous aspects of Antifa is that the mainstream media and Democrats have yet to condemn them for their violence. Instead, they condemn the peaceful demonstrators and blame the violence on them. When President Trump tried to point this out when Antifa started the violence in Charlottesville, everyone, including many Republicans condemned Trump instead of condemning Antifa for starting the violence.




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