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If you were asked if America was heading in the right direction or on the wrong track how would you answer?

Personally, I think that’s an ambiguous question with more than one possible way to answer. Politically, I believe that President Donald Trump, for the most part, is trying to get America back to heading in the right direction. The eight years under Barack Obama resulted in America becoming more socialist than ever before. Bernie Sanders was the first openly socialist person that had a fair chance of being a major presidential candidate. Under Obama, conservatives were directly and intentionally targeted. The Affordable Care Act was the first national socialist program forced upon the American people.

Economically, I also believe America is heading in the right direction. Obama seemed to be intentionally killing jobs and driving the economy into the drink. He killed thousands of jobs in the coal and oil industries and possibly some energy production jobs as well. His policies did more to hurt many businesses, small, medium and large that forced business owners to cut jobs, cut hours and not hire as many workers as they wanted. Obamacare also forced many employers to cut full time workers from 40 hours a week to 29 or fewer hours a week and not many of us can afford a 25% cut in pay. Trump has been working hard to turn most of Obama’s anti-job policies around so as to help create more jobs, which will in turn improve the overall economy.

Socially, I believe America is on the wrong track heading to complete moral decay and collapse that will take the economy and everything else with it. Not only are perverse, offensive, obscene and sinful lifestyles being legalized, but they are being taught to America’s kids as young as kindergarten. Kids are being taught to question their own sexuality and to experiment with sex, including homosexual sex, starting in elementary school. They are also being taught not to listen or obey their parents, but to listen and obey teachers and liberal political leaders. The public education system is brainwashing kids to be everything their parents don’t want them to be.

Spiritually, America is in a free fall. Not only is Christianity under attack and persecution by the liberal left, but many so-called Christian churches have abandoned sound biblical teaching in favor of building a large church, bringing in a lot of people for the prestige and money. Many churches are conforming to the secular world instead of standing up against it. Entertainment has replaced theology, compromising the eternal salvation of millions.

If I had to judge everything overall into one lump judgement, I would say that America is on the wrong track, mainly due to the rise of liberal anarchy in the nation that could possibly lead to a civil war between liberals and conservatives.

For a number of months when Obama was in office, only 14% to 19% of voters said they believed America was heading in the right direction. For the same period, 71% to 80% of voters said America was on the wrong track.

Currently, only 32% of voters say America is heading in the right direction, compared to 30% a year ago. Currently, 62% say the nation is still on the wrong track.

As usual, there is a distinct political party difference, with 82% of Democrats saying the nation is on the wrong track and only 54% of Republicans saying the nation is heading in the right direction.

I hate to side with Democrats on anything. They feel that way because of Trump and Republicans in control, but the reason I feel America is on the wrong track is because of the way Democrats have been acting and how the nation has turned away from God and the Christian foundations America was founded upon.



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