Actor Retires After Being Blacklisted for Being a Conservative

When President Donald Trump tweeted that NFL players should be fired for their disgraceful protests during the playing of the National Anthem, liberals everywhere screamed and condemned him. They said that players had the First Amendment right to protest.

However, that same First Amendment right seems to only apply to liberals, not conservatives. Liberals regularly use whatever tactics they can to strip conservatives of their First Amendment rights.

Oscar-nominated actor James Woods, has announced that he is ending his nearly 50-year career after being blacklisted in the industry due to his conservative views. The 70-year-old actor has appeared in over 130 movies or television series and received his first Academy Award for Best actor nomination in 1984 for his role in Salvador. He got his second nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 1996 for his role in Ghosts of Mississippi, but may be best known for his role as the tough LA County DA named Shark on television.

Just weeks after James Woods said he was blacklisted in Hollywood because of his conservative views, the Oscar-nominated actor said he was retiring from the industry.

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Woods tweeted this summer that he had “accepted the fact that” he was blacklisted from Hollywood because of his views. He has said being conservative has made it tough to find work in Hollywood the past few years.

The “Casino” actor has twice been nominated for an Academy Award and has won an Emmy Award three times.  His movie credits include “Salvador (1986)” and “Ghosts of Mississippi (1996),” both of which earned him a nomination for an Oscar. He’s also played H.R. Haldeman in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon (1995),” starred alongside Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford in Sydney Pollack’s “The Way We Were (1973)” and was also in Martin Scorsese’s epic crime drama “Casino (1995).” …

Hollywood has become a bastion for ultra-left liberals. Actor George Clooney held a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton with his Hollywood buddies that had a price tag of over $300,000 per plate. Clooney raised millions for Clinton. Woods is a conservative Republican, making him the odd man out in many Hollywood circles, thus getting him blacklisted from the industry which basically ended his long and prestigious career. He will be missed.




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