White Christians Now a US Minority

Only a few decades ago, America was known as being a Christian nation. The bulk of the population were of white European decent. I’m not trying to be racist or anything like that, I’m just stating facts.

In those days, if you asked most people, they would say they were religious and Christian and attended church. They believed in many of the biblical morals that governed America for 200-years such as any form of sexual activity outside of marriage was a sin and marriage was one man with one woman as God ordained it from the very beginning.

It was rare to hear of a young couple living together without being married. It was literally taken as a social taboo and looked down upon. High school girls who got pregnant were generally taken out of the mainstream school system and placed in special classes at a separate location to allow them to complete their education and get their high school diploma. Abortion was not an option for an unwed mother as most Americans at the time believed it be murder and against what the Bible teaches. Unwed couples were often forced to marry, or the girl was allowed to keep her baby and bring tons of shame to herself and her family. Many teen and college age pregnancies were kept hidden and the babies put up for adoption.

Television was clean and wholesome. Stations had to watch the language of the actors and they weren’t allowed to show any kind of nudity. Even some suggestive situations were off limits. In fact, many family programs depicted married couples sleeping in separate beds. You never saw real women modeling bras or panties and any commercials for feminine hygiene products were tastefully done and generally not during prime-time family hours.

America wasn’t perfect but compared to now, it was close to paradise.

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Then evolution and other godless ideologies entered public life, especially the school system. America changed in the 1960’s with the hippie and free love movement. Many former sexual taboos were brought out into the open and the push was on to make them acceptable and normal. Sex outside of marriage slowly became acceptable and until now it seems to be the norm rather than the rule.

Homosexuality has come out of closet and has also become socially acceptable. Many public schools are teaching young elementary school kids that sexual exploration is normal and should be something they try, including homosexual relations. Some schools have been teaching grade school kids how to use regular and anal condoms as part of their very graphic sex education courses.

These changes have resulted in an overall shift in the population or demographics of America.

One recent survey found that many Americans claim to be spiritual, but not religious. Fewer Americans are identifying themselves as Christians today than ever before. They are turning away from traditional churches and biblical teachings in favor of more worldly, new age, Eastern mysticism and other godless belief systems.

Another study reveals the shift in American culture and population. Once a majority of the population, white Christians now make up only 43% of the US population. Nearly 70% of everyone claim to be Christian, but the number of non-whites is growing while the number of white Christians are decreasing. The report explains:

“The change is likely due to several factors, including sharp drops in membership in predominantly white mainline Protestant denominations such as Presbyterians and Lutherans; an increasing Latino presence in the Roman Catholic Church as some non-Hispanic white Catholics leave, and shrinking ranks of white evangelicals.”

“About 17 percent of Americans now identify as white evangelical, compared to 23 percent a decade ago, according to the survey. Membership in the conservative Southern Baptist Convention, the largest U.S. Protestant group, dropped to 15.2 million last year, its lowest number since 1990, according to an analysis by Chuck Kelley, president of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.”

From everything I’ve seen, I blame two main factors for the change. One is the liberal anti-God teaching of the public schools. Second, many Christian churches have turned away from sound biblical doctrine and adapted the ways of a secular world to entertain people to fill the pews. Too many church leaders are too focused on numbers and money instead of teaching true biblical doctrine. When you combine the two, you end up with weaker Christians with a compromised faith that soon becomes no different than that of the secular world and they walk away from the church altogether.

I wonder if those of us white Christians can now declare to be a minority and get minority benefits? After all, Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren got minority benefits for claiming to be a minority (American Indian) when there is no proof to support her claim. She was accepted to Harvard as a minority and she got a job teaching at Harvard because she claimed to be a minority.




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