Senator Warns Dems about Their Hostility to Religious Liberty

Many think that the Democrat’s attacks on religious liberty began with Barack Obama, but they would be wrong. It was President Lyndon Johnson who pushed to prevent religious institutions with non-profit tax status, from engaging in anything remotely political. If they did, they could lose their non-profit status and end up having to pay thousands of dollars in taxes.

Obama only escalated the war against religious liberty. Allow me to clarify, the war against Christianity and Judaism, but NOT Islam. Although he publicly claimed to be a Christian, everything about his actions, background, agenda and more demonstrated that he was a Muslim and not a Christian.

Now, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is standing up for religious liberty and is warning Democrats to watch their hostility towards Christians and Jews.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and I do not share the same faith, but we do share the same passionate belief about defending religious liberty.

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Lee is the most intellectual conservative serving in the Senate today (it’s a close race between he and Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Rand Paul of Kentucky), and he often reminds the Chamber of the importance of our history and of the Constitution. His defense of religious liberty is partially due to his love of the Constitution, but it’s also because of his faith and its history of persecution. Lee is a Mormon, a group of people who were chased halfway across the country for their religious beliefs, and he understands what can happen when the government stands against a religion and its followers.

Today, Lee defends the religious freedoms of Mormons, Christians, and Muslims alike. He’s doing so by standing with the Christian baker in Colorado against the oppressive local and state governments (and the courts). And he’s doing so in the Senate by standing to warn the Democrat Party that if they don’t stop their attack on people of faith – the majority of Americans will turn against their party…

If you don’t think that Democrats have been waging a war against Christianity, then ask yourself why they refused to allow any prayers at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Why did they attack Christian and Jewish beliefs of business owners with Obamacare? Why did Obama threaten to court martial any military chaplain that refused to perform a same-sex ceremony or open up their facility to a same-sex ceremony? Why have so many lawsuits been filed against Christian business owners for their standing up for their Christian faith?




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