Legal Hole Getting Deeper for Former DNC Chair

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had served as the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee from 2011 until last July. She was an unlikely leader of the party to begin with.

Then a scandal broke involving IT people working for Democrats and getting paid with taxpayer money for doing little to nothing. If that wasn’t bad enough, Schultz refused to fire the IT person that everyone else had and her actions raised the concerns of many as to why.

Then it was learned that the IT person and others that Shultz was protecting had connections with less than honorable people back in Pakistan where they were from.

Now more information is being discovered that digs the legal hole for Schultz even deeper than before and by now, that hole is so deep that she should never have a chance to climb out.

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Former chairperson of the Democrat National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), has fallen far from where she used to sit atop the party structure.

Her decline began when her party started to realize that she was wholly incompetent and completely unsuited for leadership. Her interviews on cable news outlets and in the mainstream press were filled with gaffes, inane remarks, and completely illogical statements. The Party seemed willing to abide her incompetence, but then came the 2016 presidential primary race. Wasserman Schultz was caught using the DNC’s supposedly neutral position to put her thumb on the scale and ensure that Hillary Clinton won the nomination. She and other members of the DNC were caught working against the other candidates on multiple occasions, and when caught they offered no serious defense of their activities. The party base was furious, there was even a class action lawsuit against the DNC, and Wasserman Schutlz was forced to step down.

However, all of that underhanded drama pales in comparison to what may lie ahead for Wasserman Schultz, who continues to stand at the middle of a criminal case that includes bank fraud, and making false statements to authorities, but could soon also include espionage and treason…

Before Democrats continue on their witch hunts to find something to charge Trump with, they need to take a look at their own people and their own house as it’s not only a dirty house but a very corrupt house as well. Not only is Shultz in hot water, but if Trump really wanted to, he could launch an investigation into both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and find enough to imprison the two of them for the rest of their lives.




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