Are Kids of Illegal Aliens Illegal Themselves?

As President Donald Trump acted upon his campaign promise to end Barack Obama’s illegal immigration action – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – known as DACA, liberals and moderates have been protesting Trump’s action. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the public announcement of the end of DACA.

In that announcement, Sessions stated that Obama’s executive order was illegal to begin with, but it seems that no one heard that statement or they just don’t care. The saddest part of this is that members of Congress are ignoring the fact that the US Constitution states that only Congress can make changes to a law that initiated with and was passed by them before being signed into law by the president.

Members of Congress should have been outraged by Obama’s flagrant violation of the Constitution when he opted to illegally change federal immigration laws that they had passed. They should also have been outraged when Obama chose to illegally order the Justice Department to NOT enforce the Defense of Marriage Act over a year before the Supreme Court struck down key parts of the law as passed by Congress. Members of Congress should also have been outraged every time Obama made a change to the Affordable Care Act as it also originated in Congress. Actually, the Supreme Court should have taken measures to step up and block many of Obama’s illegal actions, but there were too many liberals and moderates on the high bench at the time to uphold the Constitution.

As for the ending of DACA, one of the most prevalent arguments used to defend DACA is that the children of illegal aliens brought to the United States by their parents aren’t illegals since it wasn’t their fault.

But are they legal or illegal aliens?

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Sylvia Thompson, a black conservative writer posted the following:

“It does not matter how these people got here, for what purposes they came, and how long they have been here illegally. None of that is relevant to upholding the integrity of the Constitution of the United States, which is the Attorney General’s (and the President’s) primary role. Nor does the degree of national guilt harbored toward people of Hispanic heritage make one bit of difference.”

‘We are now hearing blathering about ‘compassion’ and ‘having heart’ from some who are accustomed to exploiting immigration laws, to prevent protection of our borders and sovereignty. We are also hearing from those who say it’s necessary to consider these DACA participants as a ‘special group,’ with nothing more than vacuous emotions driving that assessment.”

I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Just because they were brought her by their parents when they were children, doesn’t make them suddenly legal. Most of these DACA dreamers have had years to steps to make their stay here legal, but they haven’t. The very fact of their remaining in the states without trying to correct the situation makes them just as much an illegal as their parents.

Thompson went on to say:

“The DACA program is just one of many anti-American, unconstitutional moves Barack Obama made during his eight-year effort to ‘fundamentally transform’ America. To eradicate the DACA program is to reaffirm the supremacy of law over executive overreach.”

“A twisted sense of guilt drives some of this nation’s ‘Mexican problem.’ That guilt will be the death of us if patriots do not firmly resist those under its spell.”

The bottom line is that the children of illegals are themselves illegals and should be treated as such. America belongs to Americans, not Mexicans and they need to understand that we Americans are not willing to give it up to them just because there are so many of them. If federal immigration laws were properly enforced, there wouldn’t be that many of them and we wouldn’t have the problems we are having now.



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