Irma Looters Arrested After Filmed by News Crew

During Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we saw and heard many stories about the good things the American people do for each other. We read about the Houston police officer with stage 4 caner who delayed his chemo and risked his life and ended up rescuing close to 1,500 people. We saw Texas residents using their personal boats to help rescue thousands of flood victims. Then we read about the residents who are volunteering their time and efforts to rebuild the flood damaged home of a 99-year-old World War 11 vet. They hope to have his new home done in time for this 100th birthday on Nov. 1.

In Florida, there was a customer in desperate need of a power generator who got to Home Depot just after the last one was going, but the customer was presented with the generator anyway. We saw people helping to push the cars of others to gas stations to help them get fuel and escape Irma.

However, we also see the scum of the earth come crawling out of their rocks and hiding places to victimize others. Some dressed as first responders only to get people out of the houses so they could go in and rob them.

In Florida, a group of looters should have evacuated with everyone else instead of carrying out the evil deeds.

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I sure hope the police are already out there preparing to make a host of arrests in South Florida, because the vermin who use tragedy as a cover for their crimes deserve the harshest penalties we can throw at them.

As Hurricane Irma was busy ravaging the Sunshine State on Sunday, criminals were also busy planning their attacks on the innocent victims left helpless by the storm.

Even with police warnings, the dregs of society made their way out into the streets in an effort to get some free stuff from mostly undefended stores…

Hopefully, other looters were filmed on security cameras and the evidence turned over to police. If left up to me, I would have given police orders to shoots looters on sight during an emergency evacuation situation like we saw in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. The more looters bite the dust, the less likely others are to follow their vile examples.




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