House Speaker Ryan Accused of Taking Anti-2nd Amendment Stand

Gun rights activists have been anxiously awaiting to hear any good news concerning the National Reciprocity Bill that was supposedly introduced into the House. The bill, authored by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) calls for all jurisdictions in the United States to honor the concealed carry permits issued by other jurisdictions, much like every state recognizing the driver’s license from every other state.

In a recent interview, Massie was asked why his bill has yet to make it to the floor of House for debate or any consideration. He responded by saying that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had stopped the bill from being introduced to the floor of the House for any debate or consideration.

If Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is correct, conservative 2nd Amendment supporters everywhere should be enraged at Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) latest traitorous move.

In an interview with Armed American Radio, Massie explained that Rep. Ryan was the reason that Congress had not yet debated his bill for National Reciprocity of concealed carry permit holders across the country.

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Massie is the author of a bill that would force Washington, D.C. to recognize concealed carry permits from every state in the Union, but the bill has yet to make it to the House floor for a debate, which makes it highly unlikely that it will get a vote at all.

When host Mark Walters asked Rep. Massie why his National Reciprocity Act had not come up for a vote yet, Massie responded with frustration…

It seems at this time, both Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been working more against President Donald Trump and the American people than they’ve been working for them. They obviously have allowed their positions of authority and power to go to their heads and have formulated their own agenda which is different than that of Trump and the people.




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