Hicks Named Permanent White House Communications Director

In 1969, President Richard Nixon created the position of White House Communications Director. Herb Klein was the first person to hold this position. The position has existed ever since the days of Nixon.

When Donald Trump was sworn into office, he named Sean Spicer to hold this prestigious position, but Spicer turned out to be a bumbling idiot who frequently put his foot in his own mouth with some of the things he said. After Spicer, Mike Dubke held the position as acting director until the appointment of Anthony Scaramoucci. He only lasted 10 days and was never officially sworn.

When Scaramucci was removed, President Trump’s personal aide who was then serving as White House Director of Strategic Communications, was named as acting Communications Director. Yesterday, Hicks was named to be the official director.

Hope Hicks, a longtime aide to President Trump, will become the new White House communications director.

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Hicks, who is Trump’s director of strategic communications, had been appointed last month to serve as interim White House communications director after the firing of Anthony Scaramucci.

Officials at the White House confirmed the appointment, which was first reported by NBC News…

Critics are pointing out that Hicks is the third permanent Communications Director of Trump’s presidency so far. They fail to realize that Barack Obama had 5 Directors, Bill Clinton had 5 Directors and Ronald Reagan had 7 Directors of Communications, one of which, Jack Koehler, lasted only 11 days. This helps prove that the criticism of Trump and his administration is made out of spite instead of on fact.




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