German Chancellor’s Stupid Plan for Dealing with North Korea

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has had some really stupid ideas and policies. One of those really stupid decisions was to allow tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and surrounding countries to flood into Germany. Even though Merkel will never admit it, those refugees have created many problems including increased crime and tensions with many German citizens.

Like America’s ultra-liberal and stupid Democratic leaders, Merkel has now blurted out another one of the really stupid ideas, concerning how many of the world’s nations should treat or deal with North Korea. No, it’s not using a military strike or sitting down and talking, which has failed for the past 25-years.

If there is a person on earth less qualified than German Chancellor Angela Merkel to give out foreign policy advice, they are hiding it well.

Merkel, who is largely responsible for the mass influx of radical Islamic terrorists into Europe, has taken time out of her campaign schedule to suggest that North Korea should be given a similar deal to Iran as it pertains to their nuclear development.

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Meanwhile, of course, much of Europe is suffering from her incessant, EU-backed plan to enforce middle eastern migrant quotas to aid in the flow of refugees of the Syrian Civil War.  On the surface, this humanitarian gesture seems to be of no great significance, however, the policies put in place by Merkel and the EU are forcing nations throughout the continent to several lessen the vetting process for these immigrants, easily allowing ISIS members to disguise themselves as asylum seekers to gain access to the supposedly sovereign nations of Europe…

If you think Obama and Kerry’s nuclear deal with Iran was really wrong and stupid, then realize that Merkel suggests using the same kind of deal with North Korea. She obviously is ignorant of the fact that Iran has not lived up to their terms of the nuclear deal. In fact, is some ways, the Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran actually benefitted Iran and helped to escalate their nuclear program.




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