Florida Sheriff Sued for Doing Job During Irma

Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced that the county’s shelters were not open to sex offenders or people with outstanding warrants. He did offer to keep any with an outstanding arrest warrant in the county jail. He explained by saying that no mother would want her children sleeping just a few feet from a sex offender or wanted criminal. He was taking the hard stand to protect the thousands of people taking shelter in Polk County.

To no surprise, liberal went ballistic with the sheriff’s statement and some people with outstanding arrest warrants didn’t believe him. When one man showed up at a shelter and was turned away. He was given directions to the county jail, but that was not a viable option for him and now he is filing a lawsuit against the sheriff.

The Florida sheriff who offered to shelter fugitives from Hurricane Irma’s wrath inside a county jail is facing a lawsuit for his blunt remarks.

A Virginia man behind the suit claims Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd “misused emergency shelters” as an excuse to check those caught in the storm’s path for warrants.

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The suit claims Andres Barreno was denied entry at a shelter on Saturday as millions of Floridians were asked to evacuate ahead of the monster hurricane’s arrival in the Sunshine State…

The Sheriff said that 43 sex offenders did seek and were given shelter at the county jail. He emphasized that they were not held in custody, but were provided shelter from Irma.

Personally, Sheriff Judd should be praised for enforcing the law and doing his best to provide a safe shelter for those who sought refuge. I bet if you asked those who stayed at the shelters that they would say they were thankful for the sheriff’s concern to keep sex offenders and wanted criminals away from them.




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