DACA Was ‘Jumbled Mess of Fraud & Unaccountability’

Every liberal in the nation is up in arms over President Donald Trump’s announcement to end Obama’s DACA program. In the statement given publicly by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it was pointed out that DACA was illegal from the very beginning, which is something I’ve been saying all along. Federal immigration laws were passed by Congress and according to the US Constitution, only Congress can legally make changes to laws they passed, but that never stopped Obama who cared nothing about the Constitution or keeping to the laws of the land.

DACA was also supposed to be temporary, which means it was destined to end sometime. Besides, why all of the sudden outrage and shock over Trump’s action since he promised to end DACA during his presidential campaign last year.

Trump’s statement stated that he was just trying to right a wrong that had been previously done.

A new report is revealing the fact that DACA was rife with fraud and unaccountability which basically made the program a laughing joke to allow illegals to stay in the US.

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President Trump’s decision to rescind the DACA “Dreamers” program this week was a huge win for the embattled Commander in Chief, but new information demonstrates how important this move was to Americans as a whole.

The DACA program itself was illegally installed by former President Barack Obama through the use of his executive power, without the authority of congress, or even the use of an executive order – one of Obama’s favorite tactics of tyranny.  Donald Trump, in a move that suspiciously drew ire from the radical left, decided that the program would expire in 6 months, giving congress a lengthy window to go about reinstating the program the proper way, should they see fit.

It was a brilliant move for the checks and balances of the American government, and for the “Dreamers” themselves, who would no longer be living under the threat of expiration under Obama’s purposefully-temporary installation…

The latest report on DACA just reinforces the fact that most of what Obama did and touched during his 8 years has been a disaster, a fraud and rife with unaccountability and more. It’s that way with Obamacare, with DACA, with the Iran nuclear deal, his dealings with the military, Christians and family structure. The man was not only the most corrupt in history, but also the biggest failure of all.




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