Black Activist’s Daughter Arrested for Attacking Taxi Driver

Al Sharpton makes his living by fueling the fires of racial hatred and divide. If there is no fire to fuel, he has been known to help create one from a non-racial incident. He is nothing more than a black activist who incites other black activists into action, often violent and disruptive.

Ever hear the expression that apple doesn’t fall from the tree?

In 2015, Sharpton’s daughter Ashley, tried to sue the city of New York for $5 million because she supposedly sprained her ankle on a sidewalk. She claimed the city was negligent by having uneven sidewalks.

Now, Miss Entitled and Privileged has been arrested for assaulting a taxi driver. She also took the keys out of the ignition and threw them away without the driver seeing her.

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The daughter of civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton was reportedly arrested early Saturday after attacking a taxi driver in New York City.

Ashley Sharpton, 30, is also accused of taking the cabbie’s keys directly out of the ignition at one point and throwing them without the driver ever seeing, New York Daily News reports.

It all allegedly happened at 1 a.m. when Sharpton and her friends hailed a taxi and each gave separate destinations, aggravating the driver in the process. The taxi driver pulled over until directions were clear, but that purportedly upset Sharpton and her fellow passengers, who were presumably out celebrating Sharpton’s birthday…

I’m certain that if either Al Sharpton or his daughter Ashley had to hold a real job and earn a living like most of us do, that they would both probably starve. It’s easier to rake in tens of thousands of dollars by going around the country speaking and encouraging other blacks to become activists and take to streets.




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