Antifa Disrupts Another Peaceful Rally

How long will it be before the Department of Justice declares Antifa to be a radical, extremist terrorist organization? The group has one main agenda at the moment and that is to violently breakup every peaceful conservative rally, demonstration or protest.

In Charlottesville, Berkeley and now Portland, members of the black activist terrorist organization showed up dressed in black, with many wearing helmets and masks and carrying weapons, including firearms and clubs and more.

They are determined to prevent any conservative from exercising his or her constitutional rights including freedom of speech and the right to peacefully gather.

Political rallies in Portland, Ore., and a neighboring town gave way to violence Sunday afternoon when black-clad antifa activists attacked police officers and far-right demonstrators, while other protesters from rival groups scuffled in the streets.

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Two officers were treated for minor injuries after protesters fired slingshots and threw rocks, bottles and other projectiles at them, according to the Portland Police Bureau. At least nine people were arrested throughout the day on charges that included interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct.

An alarming moment came toward the end of the day when a man driving a black Chevrolet truck adorned with American flags and a Confederate flag decal accelerated at a group of protesters, causing people to scream and jump out of the way. No one was hurt, and the driver, who was not identified, was detained and released without charges shortly after, Willamette Week reported

Everyone still blames white supremacist KKK and neo-Nazis for the violence in Charlottesville, but their demonstration was peaceful until Antifa showed up. Everyone still condemns President Trump for pointing a finger of blame at Antifa. The only difference between Antifa and the neo-Nazis is the color of the skin of the people they hate. Both groups are fascist, violent and anti-American.




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