Antifa De-Ammoed in Kansas City

Antifa is a radical far left activist group largely composed of black Americans. Some believe Antifa should be listed as a terrorist organization, since the group is advocating a New Civil War. They have been showing up lately to a number of conservative and ultra-right demonstrations, only when Antifa shows up, they are wearing protective gear and are armed with weapons with which they use to intimidate and attack conservatives.

Antifa is the radical group that started the violence in Charlottesville that was blamed on white supremacists and they started the violence in Berkeley.

Over the weekend, they showed up in Kansas City, armed to the teeth and carrying loaded firearms. However, they were met by Kansas City police who ordered them to remove all of the ammunition there were carrying with them.

The radical left has been more than just a nuisance in recent months, mutating and focusing on their violent efforts to upend civil society.

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One of their main targets has been the freedom of speech, with groups such as the oxymoronically named “Antifa” attempting to use brute force to cancel speaking engagements of conservative authors and exploiting “Black Bloc” intimidation techniques to scatter right wing protests.

The final goal of these anti-patriot peons is to disallow free speech that runs counter to their own left-wing narrative, or, quite literally, they are looking to install a form of neo-fascism within our nation…

Basically, Kansas City police tooth the fangs out of the Antifa dragon before the dragon could devour anyone. If it were up to me, I would ban the group and declare them to be a militant terrorist organization bent on creating violence. Once designated as a militant terrorist organization, any Antifa member could be arrested and sent to Gitmo.




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