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According to Gallup, Congress had an approval rating of 43% in February 2009. Then Democrats forced the Affordable Care Act upon the people even though most polls showed that the majority of Americans were opposed to a nationalized healthcare plan. By January 2010, the approval rating for Congress had plummeted to about 23%.

During 2009 and 2010, Democrats had complete control of Congress and the White House and they literally held congressional Republicans and the American people hostage as they pushed their anti-American agenda upon the nation. When the American people went to the polls in 2010, they showed their disapproval of Democrats by giving Republicans control of the House of Representatives.

Yet, Democrats, with Obama in the White House, continued to extort their agenda on the nation, causing congressional approval ratings to drop to about 13% by January of 2011. Throughout that year, congressional approval ratings varied from a high of 23% to about 11%.

In 2012, congressional approval ratings dipped down even further to only 10% prior to the 2012 elections. The American people has lost all confidence in Congress due to the many stalemates between the Democratic-controlled Senate and Republican-controlled House. Having Obama in the White House only helped to further the Senate’s extortion of House Republicans and fueled the frustration of the American people.

By the end of 2013, congressional approval ratings dipped down into single digits at only 9% for the first time in history. The American people were so frustrated with the state of Congress or should I say, the lack of getting anything worthwhile done, that they gave control of the Senate to Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections.

Even though Republicans controlled both the House and Senate, Obama still had veto power and Republicans did not have enough votes to override his vetoes, allowing Obama to control what happened.

In 2015, congressional approval ratings were as low as 11% but never went above 20%, indicating that the American people were still frustrated by Congress.

During the 2016 presidential elections congressional approval ratings varied from 12% to about 19%. Americans weren’t just frustrated with Democrats in Congress, but their frustrations spilled over to Republicans as well. The people blamed career politicians for being so busy playing partisan politics instead of running the nation as they should have been doing.

As a result of a decade of very poor congressional approval ratings, more Americans have been abandoning both major political parties – Democrat and Republican.

Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters:

“Have you changed your political party affiliation or become a political independent in the last 18 months?”

They reported the following results:

“Thirteen percent (13%) of all voters say they have changed their political party affiliation or become a political independent in the past 18 months.”

“Roughly 18% of voters who usually or always vote Republican say they have changed affiliation or gone independent in recent months. Ten percent (10%) of those who usually vote Democrat and seven percent (7%) of those who always vote that way say they have changed party affiliation or become an independent in that period.”

The results of this poll support the frustration of American voters as expressed in the Gallup polls over the past 8 years. It’s that frustration that led to the election of Donald Trump as president, since he was NOT a career politician. Many are blaming career politicians for many of the problems facing our nation and as such are starting to switch parties or drop any party affiliation.

I have to admit that there have been times I’ve been tempted to disassociate with the party I’m registered with, but since only voters registered with either political party get to vote in primary elections, I remain registered in the party of my choice, which at times, has been the lesser of two evils.

It would not surprise me to see a new political party spring up and get a lot of support from many Americans, much like the Republican Party sprang up in 1854 over frustration over the political positions of the Whig Party. It was only 6-years later that the new Republican Party put a man in the White House – Abraham Lincoln. So, it makes one wonder how quickly a new political party could put someone in the White House and who will it be?




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