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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has always wanted a position where she could exert her liberal views on other people. After graduating from Yale Law School with a Juris Doctorate degree, she worked as a legislative legal counsel. After moving to Arkansas and marrying another flaming liberal, she continued to exert her will as an attorney that eventually led her being part of the infamous Whitewater Scandal.

As First Lady of Arkansas, she often acted like she was the state’s dictator, often trying her best to assert her ways on the state legislature, even though she held no elected office. As First Lady of the United States, she continued to try to exert her agenda on Congress and the White House, very much like another liberal First Lady by the name of Michelle. But that wasn’t enough for Hillary, she wanted more power.

She became a Senator from New York, but being a member of Congress still wasn’t enough power for her. She ran for the presidency twice. The first time she lost the nomination to Obama and the second time she lost the White House to Donald Trump. But she still isn’t satisfied.

Now she wants to be become an ordained minister in the…

In an ironic, and disturbing, twist, the woman who has led the cultural siege against the West and Christianity says she actually wants to be a Christian preacher.

From Breitbart:

Having failed to win the White House in November and with a new book on the way, Hillary Clinton is reportedly looking at turning to a more publicly religious role. Her pastor is saying she wants to get into preaching.

According to The Atlantic, Clinton told her longtime pastor Bill Shillady, at a recent photo shoot for his new book, that she wants to preach — something that the outlet says has always been a dream for her…

I’m glad I’m not a member of the Methodist church, because if I was and they did ordain Hillary to be a Methodist minister, I would leave that denomination. Besides being able to preach her ultra-liberal and socialist ideology from the pulpit, it would be impossible for her to keep the issue of church and state separated, but then, she’s never worried about abiding by any rules or laws; man’s or God’s.





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