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During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to help create more jobs and grow the economy. Most of his critics tried to say that all Trump wanted to do was make the rich richer at the cost of working Americans.

The same critics failed to tell the American people that the Democrats have now become of the political party of the wealthy, a claim made long ago about Republicans by Democrats. Just take a quick look at many of America’s wealthiest people – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah and others and you’ll find that the majority of them are liberal Democrats.

As President Trump has worked to try to keep his campaign promises, he has met opposition at every turn by Democrats and even from with the Republican Party by career politicians who are still mad over an outsider winning the big prize.

If you read any of the liberal mainstream media posts on jobs and the economy, you would think that most of Trump’s efforts have been failures, but that’s far from accurate.

The economic news in the United States of America has been ALL GOOD for months now, but you’d hardly know that for the amount of coverage it’s received in the mainstream media.

The brilliant economist Stephen Moore explained just how good things have been at the Washington Times:

Well finally we are getting that “Summer of recovery.” The July jobs report was a blockbuster — solid job gains across the economy, lowest unemployment rate in more than a decade, and a nice bump up in wages.

This was a report that transcends spin. You just have to tip your hat to American businesses and say: well done…

Chances are you’ll never hear the mainstream media report the truth about the success of Trump’s economic and job policies. The last thing they want the public to know is how well Trump’s policies are working. To admit such a thing would be to admit that they lied and were wrong, something you’ll never get most of them to admit.





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