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Over the past decade, the majority of the mainstream media outlets have leaned so far to the left that it’s a wonder any of them can remain upright. I guess, upright is not the best choice of words to describe them as very few of the mainstream media outlets are upright when it comes to honest and trustworthy journalism. In fact, I would question if a number of them are even journalists at all, due to the blind and biased support of the liberal left.

Someone recently asked me which mainstream media outlets I would list as being the most liberal. That was easy – ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC – listed in alphabetical order.

Next, I was asked to name the worst of the bunch. A year ago, I would have said that MSNBC was the second worst or most liberal mainstream media outlet in the nation, but after watching CBS This Morning for the past year, I would have move them up to the number two position as being the most liberal and anti-American news outlet in the nation. Their three regular morning anchors are so biased towards liberal Democrats and so hateful, venomously so, towards any and all conservatives, especially President Donald Trump. When interviewing a conservative, they are rude, constantly interrupt and rarely allow the conservative to answer or defend before they are firing off their next hateful accusations.

Number 1 on the list a year ago is still number one today and that’s CNN. By far, CNN is the most vengeful, anti-conservative, anti-Republican and anti-Trump media outlet in the nation. Over the past couple of months, they have been nailed for publishing fake news stories designed to smear and harm President Donald Trump.

Many conservative news outlets and smaller websites were literally forced out of business for reporting the truth. Liberals falsely accused them of being fake news sites and it cut off major sources of their finances. One could only hope that CNN would suffer the same fate.

I was elated when I saw a Newsmax report saying that CNN might possibly be up for sale.

According to Newsmax:

“AT&T officials are reportedly looking at selling off some of Time Warner’s key assets once they acquire the company — including CNN and celebrity news website TMZ, Deadline Hollywood reports.”

“The officials believe the Justice Department will soon clear the way for AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of the company, according to the website. They expect the deal to be finalized by the end of the year.”

However, then I read who the likely buyer might be and my joy was dashed to pieces. Again, according to Newsmax:

“If the company goes ahead with divesting itself of CNN, it would open the door for CBS to take over the news network, the website noted. CBS CEO Leslie Moonves has long been interested in the news network.”

“‘CNN is a very worthy news organization … it’s something that could enhance CBS,’ Moonves said last month, according to Adweek. ‘But I don’t think that’s on the table right now. If it came up later on, it would be something we would look at’.”

If CBS does buy CNN, it would be like the second worst organized crime organization taking over the first worst organized crime organization. If anything, the acquisition of CNN could easily help CBS take over the top spot as THE more liberal mainstream media outlet in the nation.



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