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Some believe that members of the Democratic Party will do anything to protect their own. I recall hearing rumors from a number of sources that believed the death of former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown was not an accident. Brown became openly critical of then President Bill Clinton and shortly thereafter, his plane mysteriously went down over Croatia, killing Brown and others on board.

Earlier this year, former DNC staffer Seth Rich was mugged and killed, not long after it was learned that he was the one that provided sensitive DNC files and emails to WikiLeaks. However, Rich’s death is still a cause of question, since many of the details don’t match those of a mugging.

Now we hear that Florida attorney Shaun Lucas was discovered dead on a beach. Lucas was involved in an investigation of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It’s interesting that his death was ruled a suicide even though he had trauma to the head.

The desperation of the democrats has reached a new plateau in recent weeks, as they continue their efforts to disguise their corruption.

During the 2016 presidential election, a revelation occurred that exposed the democrats for the fraudsters that they were:  Email leaks that outlined a history of collusion between Hillary Clinton and the DNC that was intended to nullify the efforts of primary challenger Bernie Sanders.  These disclosures sealed the fate of the democratic party, as Americans roundly rejected their entire ethos in November.  The truth was far too brutal, and the party itself began to disintegrate.

In the aftermath of this destruction, the left was hastily attempting to find a scapegoat.

First came Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was quickly accused of being the mole.  Rich’s contribution to the electoral process finished, the young politico was murdered days later in what police would strangely label a “botched robbery”.

Now, another death has been linked to the desperate and diminished democrats…

These are only a few of the deaths that have been associated to some of the nation’s top Democrats. Yet, you will not see or read about the controversy surrounding so many of these questionable deaths in most of the mainstream media. Only members of the free and conservative press dare broach the subject of so many questionable deaths linked to Democrats. Ever wonder why the mainstream media tries so hard to hide them?





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