Yale Sue State for More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Like many prominent universities that were first established as religious institutions Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut, has turned to the dark side of immorality and worldly perversions. In case you doubt me, consider the fact that Yale University has filed a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut because they want the state to make more gender-neutral bathrooms.

Yale University has filed a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut after being blocked from turning most of its single-sex bathrooms into gender neutral ones.

The prestigious university filed an appeal to the state’s Superior Court after the Connecticut government refused to give permission to turn all gender-assigned bathrooms into gender neutral toilets in a bid to accommodate LGBTQ students, the New Haven Register reported.

The state’s building code instructs all buildings to have a certain number of bathrooms labelled by gender. According to the current laws, if Yale decides to list all single-gender bathrooms as gender neutral, the school will have to build additional gender-exclusive bathrooms…

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Liberals, like those at Yale, are hell bent, literally, on destroying everything descent and moral about America. They also want to strip every American of their personal and constitutional rights. They don’t care if your daughters are forced to use bathrooms with sexual pervert, deviates and predators. They don’t care that your daughters will be exposed to male anatomy when they shouldn’t be.




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