Wounded Police Officer Suing Black Lives Matters

Black Lives Matter is nothing more than an excuse for black American activists to incite violence on others. They took up Barack Obama’s war on law enforcement and as such has inspired some radical whacked-up black activists to attack law enforcement personnel. Now one of those law enforcement officers, who was injured in a shooting that killed 3 officers and wounded several other, is suing Black Lives Matters and some of its leaders for inciting the shooting.

An unnamed Louisiana officer has sued Black Lives Matter and several of the movement’s leaders Friday after last summer’s ambush of law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge.

DeRay Mckesson, a member of the activist movement who has been involved in the Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore, Md. protests, and four other Black Lives Matter leaders have been named as defendants in the suit. It was filed on behalf of one of the officers wounded in the July 17 attack by Gavin Long, a black military veteran, who killed three other officers in Baton Rouge before he was shot dead.

The suit does not name the officer, but its description of the plaintiff matches that of East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Tullier, who has injured during the ambush…

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Black Lives Matter is no different than other groups like the New Black Panthers, who stir up violence. They claim they want to be treated as equals and yet they are the ones pushing racial hatred and division. Black Lives Matters reminds me of a person trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it, instead of a water or a fire retardant. They stir up more trouble than they help bring peace and cooperation. They are nothing more than a bunch of black American thugs.




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