Will Democrats Re-Take Control of House in 2018?

After the sweeping Democratic victories in 2008 in which they had full control of the House of Representatives, Senate and White House, they became bolder in pushing their liberal anti-American agenda. It quickly became apparent that Democrats were hell bent in changing the United States from a free and independent republic into a socialist nation at the mercy of the socialist run United Nations.

The 110th Congress (2007 – 2009) saw Democrats in control of the House with 233 seats and Republicans holding 202 seats.

The 111th Congress (2009 – 2011) saw Democrats in more control with 257 seats to only 178 seats held by Republicans.

Then came the 2010 election and things changed. Americans became fed up with Barack Obama and the Democrats and showed their displeasure at the polls. The 112th Congress (2011 – 2013) saw a sweeping victory for Republicans, claiming 242 seats in the House to only 193 seats for the Democrats.

The 113th Congress (2013 – 2015) saw the gap between Republican House control and Democrat minority narrow a bit. Republicans dropped to 234 seats and Democrats gained those 8 seats, upping their presence to 201 seats in the House.

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Once again, the American people became more discouraged with Democrats and showed it at the polls in 2014. The 114th Congress (2015 – 2017), saw Republicans gain more control in the House, increasing their numbers to 247 with the Democrats holding only 188 seats.

The 115th Congress, our present Congress,  has Republicans currently holding 240 seats to the Democrats holding 194 seats with 1 vacancy.

As President Donald Trump began forming his administration, he tapped a handful of Representatives to fill some of his posts. Democrats were salivating at the thought of winning those seats in the special elections. They were confident that the American people hated Trump as much as they did, that they would sweep those special elections, but when all the votes were counted, Democrats lost them all.

However, Democrats are mounting up their efforts to launch a massive assault on Republicans in the upcoming 2018 elections. They are confident that they can win back 24-25 seats in the House and regain control of the House so they can stop President Trump on everything he wants to accomplish.

Do Democrats really have a chance of regaining control of the House in the 2018 elections?

That question was asked of voters and the results are pretty much split down the middle. Forty-six percent of likely voters said they think it is somewhat likely that Democrats could regain control of the House. However, 44% said they think it is unlikely to happen.

To no surprise, there was definitely a party division in the results with 65% of Democrats thinking it is likely they can regain control of the House while 63% of Republicans said they believe it’s unlikely to happen. Forty-seven percent of voters not affiliated with either party say they don’t think Democrats will regain control of the House.

When asked if the issue of healthcare will influence their vote, 41% said they would vote for someone who voted to repeal or replace Obamacare and 38% said they would be less likely to vote for anyone who voted to repeal or replace Obamacare. Again, there was a division of party partisanship with 60% of Republicans said they would vote for someone who voted to repeal or replace Obamacare and 57% of Democrats said they wouldn’t vote for anyone who voted to repeal or replace Obamacare.

If you were asked, what would you say? Do you think Democrats have a chance to regain control of the House? Would you be more apt to vote for or against anyone who votes to repeal or replace Obamacare?


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