How do Voters Feel about the Economy and Personal Finances Today?

There is no denying that under the Barack Obama 8-year reign of terror, that the economy tanked big time. While Obama and other lying Democrats blamed George W. Bush for the downward economic turn, it really was the result of Bill Clinton’s liberal economic policies, specifically his tinkering with the mortgage industry. During his presidency, he made it easier for many people to obtain mortgages and buy homes. That caused a huge upturn in the economy.

However, by the time Bush was president, millions of those creative mortgages showed their nightmarish sides. Mortgage payments rose and rose and rose until many people could no longer afford to pay their mortgages. Consequently, banks began foreclosing on mortgage loans and people filed bankruptcy. With a glut of foreclosed homes on the market, there was no need for new construction, especially when people could no longer afford to buy them, so the nation’s economy began going down the toilet towards the end of Bush’s term and continued to decline during Obama’s term. Bill Clinton had built an economic house of cards and it all came tumbling down in time for Democrats to blame Bush for Bill Clinton’s screw-up.

Obamanomics did nothing to help the economy, which continued to go into a recession during the most of Obama’s time in the White House. Obamanomics set a record for the most consecutive months with an unemployment rate of 8.0 or higher (I believe it was 40 months).

Even though the economy seemed to begin to recover during the latter part of Obama’s reign, none of his policies gave people any confidence in the economy. Obama’s policies were anti-business, anti-jobs, anti-fossil fuel and anti-family. No one felt safe and secure, and why should they when a flaming socialist was running the country?

The America elected a successful business man who promised to run the nation like he would run a business. Donald Trump promised to cut the federal work force, which he is doing. He promised to cut federal spending and in many areas, he is doing that. He also promised to help create more jobs which in turn would help spur the economy, and he has been working on that. In fact, Trump has done more to create jobs in his first six-months in office than Obama did in his 8 years.

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So, after nearly half a year with Trump at the helm, steering the nation’s economy, how do voters feel about the nation’s economy and about their own financial confidence?

According to Rasmussen Report Economic Rating Index:

“Consumers are seeing green again when it comes to rating the economy and their own personal finances, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ready to start spending more.”

“The Rasmussen Reports Economic Rating Index is up nearly five points from last month to 157.3, just one point shy of March’s highest level of confidence in the economy since 2014. Immediately following the 2016 presidential election, enthusiasm about the economy started to grow and has been on the upswing for six of the last eight months. In President Obama’s final year in office, economic ratings ranged from 112.7 to 122.9.”

“After three straight months of the overall Consumer Confidence Index falling from its three-year high, June saw a four-point jump to 116.7, suggesting that hope was on the horizon.”

At one point during Obama’s tenure, I fully expected a total financial collapse of America. I believed that Obama was going to create the collapse so he could declare martial law and assume full dictatorial power over the nation. Under a Trump presidency, I don’t have any of those concerns. Why? Because Trump is not a career politician nor is he a flaming socialist. Given the cooperation of Congress, I’m fully confident that Trump can deliver on many of his promises and that America could again prosper.

How do you feel about the nation’s economy and your personal finances?


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