Voter Fraud Probe Could Lead to Huge Partisan Battle

President Donald Trump vowed to investigate the allegations of voter fraud and illegal voting in last November’s election. Most of his critics deny that any voter fraud or illegal voting took place, although there is a sufficient amount of evidence to question otherwise. Now Trump has created a panel to look into the allegations and to do their job, they need data from the states and most states are refusing. Some sources believe this probe could lead to a major partisan battle over voter rights and may end up before the Supreme Court.

A private document snapped by an alert Associated Press photographer offers clues about where President Trump’s new voter fraud panel may be headed — and it risks a hyper partisan battle over voting rights.

The paperwork held by Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state who heads Trump’s panel, was captured after a November interview at then president-elect Trump’s Bedminster golf course. It appears to propose changes to the U.S. National Voter Registration Act, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The document may soon become public after Kobach was fined two weeks ago by a federal magistrate for “patently misleading representations” about its contents and was ordered to hand it over to the ACLU. The ACLU filed a lawsuit on Monday alleging the committee is failing to adhere to federal transparency rules, part of a flurry of recent legal challenges…

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If Democrats have nothing to hide, then they need to put up the evidence to prove it. By refusing to cooperate and hide behind alleged privacy issues raises questions as to who much voter fraud and illegal voting they are trying to hide. After states like Oregon and California passed laws making it super easy for illegal aliens to illegally vote, I strongly suspect that if a thorough investigation was launched that as many as 3-5 million votes, mostly for Hillary, would be thrown out, making Trump the winner of the popular vote and fully the rightful President. This is what Democrats and some liberal Republicans are trying to prevent.




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