URGENT: Please Help Fulfill Dying Wishes of Army Veteran

Like it or not, death is something will affect all of us. Once you were conceived in your mother’s womb, you were destined to die. For some of us, death can come quickly and unexpectedly. You could be a casualty of an auto accident, sudden stroke, heart attack, criminal or terrorist attack.

Others will simply just grow so old that their bodies will become frail and simply stop working and others will be forced to face a serious illness or injury that lingers on for days, weeks, months and even years. Millions of Americans face the slow anguishing death of cancer or heart disease and other illnesses that slowly drain the life out of our mortal bodies.

If you had a terminal illness or condition and knew you were going to die, what would you wish for, other than to live?

Would you wish to travel and see places you’ve never seen before?

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Would you wish to see family and friends you haven’t seen in years?

Would you wish to finish a project you’ve been working on?

Lee Hernandez of New Branfels, Texas is facing death and does have final wish and all of you can help make it come true. Hernandez is 47-years-old and has been suffering from what has been described as continuous strokes. They affect his vision and cognitive abilities. Even after three brain surgeries, his condition is steadily deteriorating. The doctors have no idea as to the cause of his illness which makes it near impossible for them to treat him. They have basically told the family to just try to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Why would you want to help fulfill his dying wish?

To begin with, Hernandez is an 18 1/2-year Army veteran, including time serving in Iraq.

He has served all of us for 18 1/2-years and now it’s our time to serve him as his time here on earth runs out.

His dying wish is simple – he just wants to hear from people. Whether you know Lee or not, all he wants is to get a text message or phone call from anyone and everyone. His wife, Ernestine reported that one day, Lee asked her to hang onto his phone in case someone called. After two-hours of no calls, Lee was discouraged and told his wife:

“I guess no one wants to talk to me.”

She said that hearing him say that almost broke her heart. That’s when she reached out Caregivers of Wounded Warriors to share Lee’s request to hear from people. Since word has gotten out and they posted it on their Facebook page, Lee has been receiving calls and messages from veterans and many others, some who just want to pray with Lee. Ernestine says that always lifts him up when people call to pray with him.

The posted phone number for Lee Hernandez is 210-632-6778. Note that if you call, Lee’s speech has been affected by his condition so please be patient with him.

Ernestine wanted everyone to know that if they don’t answer your call, don’t give up, but perhaps try again hours or a day later. Some days, he is in such intense pain that it makes talking on the phone difficult.

Please help make a dying US Army veteran’s wish come true and either call or text him. Put yourself in his situation and realize how much it would mean to you to hear from so many people who care about you.



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