Trump’s Border Wall Construction Begins

Democrats, liberals and illegals beware! Construction on President Trump’s border wall has begun in Texas. Not only will the wall help slow down and deter the flood of Obama’s illegal aliens from entering the country, completion of the border wall will also put a dent in the trafficking of illegal drugs and terrorists into the nation over our southern border.

Even after months of ridiculous “resistance” aimed at undermining the very office of the President, Donald Trump’s promised border wall has begun construction in the Lone Star State.

Amidst a rash of cartel and illegal alien crime facing much of the nation, Americans are finally beginning to see progress on one piece of the Donald Trump agenda that We The People demanded in November.  Trump’s promise to construct a “big, beautiful” wall between the U.S. and Mexico was first and foremost during much of his 2016 presidential campaign, and was no small factor in The Donald’s resounding victory over democratic shill Hillary Clinton.  Now, after months of setbacks, both political and hyperbolic in nature, the first pieces of the much-anticipated wall are being placed in the Texas soil.

“Work on the first section of the Trump border wall was started on federally-owned land in South Texas, according to a media report

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The only reason Democrats are so adamantly opposed to a border wall is that it will kill one of their biggest sources of illegal voters. If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself why Democrat-controlled states like California (with the nation’s highest number of illegal aliens) and Oregon passed laws that open the door for illegals to automatically be registered to vote simply by obtaining or renewing a state drivers’ license.




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