Trump Vows Truth About Voter Integrity Will be Revealed

In the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, there were numerous incidents of voter fraud. Democrats denied that any voter fraud took place, but that’s not a surprise since over 90% of the reported cases favored Barack Obama and other Democrats. The 2016 election was no different with some reports of over 3 million illegal votes cast by non-citizens among others. President Donald Trump has promised to investigate the allegation of voter fraud and assembled a commission to do just that. However, many state officials are refusing to cooperate, claiming to do so will violate voter privacy information. The recent publication of some of the voter information by the commission hasn’t helped the situation, but Trump is standing firm saying the truth will eventually be learned.

President Trump forged ahead Wednesday with his voter fraud commission, kicking off its first meeting and repeatedly declaring voter information “will be forthcoming” from the roughly 20 states that have yet to comply with the group’s request.

Trump in May announced the formation of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The commission sparked controversy several weeks ago by asking states to provide voter information including names, voting history and party affiliation.

Nearly 20 states reportedly have yet to comply with the request.

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“More than 30 states have already shared this information. And the others states, that information will be forthcoming,” Trump said. “So the full truth will be known and exposed if necessary in the light of day.” …

Democrats will stop at nothing to keep Trump’s commission from learning the truth about their voter fraud. After all, why else would Democrat-controlled states like California and Oregon pass laws that automatically register to vote every illegal alien and non-citizen who obtains or renews a driver’s license? There is no other reason for passing these laws other than the commission of voter fraud to help Democrats win.




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