Trump Lashes Out at Dem Double Standard – Referring to Hillary Getting Foreign Help

One of the hallmarks of the current Democratic Party is their hypocritical double standard. It’s okay for them to break any and every law they want, but let a Republican do anything with the hint of bad judgement and the same Democrats are all up in arms and ready to lynch them from the nearest tree. President Donald Trump has lashed out at the Democrat double standard, pointing to the fact that Hillary got foreign help, but evidently, it’s not okay if he or anyone associated with him did.

President Trump ripped Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats Wednesday over what he described as a double standard for their respective associates’ alleged coordination with foreign governments in the 2016 campaign.

The president has been on defense over fresh revelations of a meeting his eldest son held last year with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Clinton.

But Trump used his widely followed Twitter account Wednesday to draw attention to a Washington Times article claiming Democrats had used false information from Russia to attack him and his campaign.

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The number of crimes committed by Barack Obama, members of his Cabinet including Hillary Clinton, would fill volumes, but Democrats never raised a single question about their corruption, lawlessness and criminal actions. Obama committed treason numerous times, but the Democrats remained silent. Hillary Clinton not only violated federal laws by using her private server to send confidential emails, but she also should be questioned for her abuse of power while Secretary of State and for the many questionable actions with foreign governments and the Clinton Foundation.




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