Trump Keeps Promise, Cuts White House Staff & Spending

During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year, he promised to cut spending and reduce the number of federal employees. Many agency and department heads have already been ordered to reduce their staff and spending. Now, Trump is living up to his own promise by announcing that he is reducing the number of White House staff by 110 workers. The move is expected to save taxpayers more than $22 million over the next three years.

If you want to understand why President Trump continues to enjoy the support of almost everyone who voted for him in November 2016, then you only need to read the latest report in Forbes.

On Friday, the White House released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. President Trump’s White House has 377 employees, which is more than 100 less than his predecessor. The shorter staff list is yet another example of President Trump’s efforts to streamline our government and reduce wasteful spending. If the more streamlined effort continues for the next 3 years Forbes projects that Trump will have saved the American people over $22 Million! While the number may not have much of an impact on our overall financial health, it continues to demonstrate the seriousness with which the President is attacking our government’s problems of waste and excess.

From Forbes:

  • There are 110 fewer employees on White House staff under Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective presidencies.

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If every other government agency and department cut their staff by the same 23% as Trump is doing for the White House staff, it could save taxpayers billions of dollars and help work towards a balanced budget and reducing the national deficit. During the previous 8 years, the Obama administration was hiring at a rate of over 100 new employees every day for at least several years. Some were to replace employees who were retiring or quitting, but there is no doubt the size of the government swelled during that time and that it’s time it goes on a financial diet.




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