Trump Confronts Putin on Election Meddling & Syria

Many anti-Trump liberals were ready to crucify Trump in the media for not being willing to confront Vladimir Putin about allegations of Russian meddling in last year’s elections. They believed Trump would be too weak or intimidated to confront Putin, but as the two leaders met for the first time at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Trump pressed Putin about the Russian meddling straight off.

President Trump pressed Russia’s Vladimir Putin on U.S. election meddling while also making headway on the Syria crisis during their first formal meeting on Friday, according to administration officials who offered details on the highly anticipated sit-down in Germany which lasted more than two hours.

One of the big questions going into Friday’s meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Hamburg was whether Trump would confront Putin over long-standing allegations of meddling in last year’s presidential campaign.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters that Trump in fact opened the meeting with those concerns, leading to a “robust” discussion…

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Trump did exactly what the liberal media expected him not to do in confronting Putin on the election meddling, so what will they complain about next? They ignored Obama and his Cabinet for multiple criminal acts but continue to pounce on Trump before he has a chance to act and they are pouncing on Vice President Pence for touching something he shouldn’t have touched while visiting NASA. One has to wonder if the mainstream media will ever print the truth about anyone?




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