Trump Caves in to Iran

Every 90-days, the administration must re-certify the nuclear deal that Barack Obama and then Secretary of State John Kerry brokered with the militant Islamic dictatorship of Iran. The re-certification is required to insure that Iran is living up to the terms of the nuclear deal. Earlier this week, I posted that 4 top Republican Senators had sent a letter to Rex Tillerson in which they listed 4 ways that Iran was not keeping the terms of the agreement and they recommended that the nuclear deal NOT be recertified by the Trump administration. President Donald Trump has been an outspoken critic of the deal and has even said it was illegal, yet, earlier this week, He did re-certify that Iran was living up to the terms of deal when he had the opportunity to quash the deal but didn’t take it.

Monday was a tough day for President Trump’s agenda. As the Senate’s bid to overturn Obamacare collapsed amid Republican infighting (more on that later in the newsletter), the White House reluctantly certified Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal signed by the Obama administration in 2015. This was the second time the Trump administration has done so — it is required every 90 days to notify Congress whether Iran is living up to its commitments.

Trump assented to the move with profound reservations and pushed for more sanctions on Iran. “Senior administration officials made clear that the certification was grudging,” my colleague Karen DeYoung wrote, “and said that President Trump intends to impose new sanctions on Iran for ongoing ‘malign activities’ in non-nuclear areas such as ballistic missile development and support for terrorism.”

Trump reportedly fumed at having to assent to another certification of Iran’s compliance, which was confirmed by international monitors and the other signatories to the agreement. Key U.S. allies, including Britain, France and Germany, see the deal as an effective curb on Tehran’s putative nuclear ambitions. They don’t link its implementation to concerns about Iran’s other troublesome behaviors, including its support for various militant groups in the Middle East and its unjust detentions of foreign nationals…

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Is President Trump learning to be the type of politician that he has berated during his campaign? It would seem so by his re-certifying the deal that he has so criticized in the past and since he had sufficient evidence as provided by the senators to not re-certify the deal. Failure to re-certify would mean that all of the previous sanctions could easily be reinstated, which includes the freezing of funds and closing all trade avenues with the rogue nation. So why did Trump cave in to Iran?





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