Trump Asks Supreme Court to Block Hawaiian Judge’s Travel Ban Expansion

The way the Founding Fathers established our government, the judicial system was the least powerful of the three branches of government. Yet, liberal judges have placed themselves as the supreme power, even over the President, as in the case of Hawaii’s US District Judge Watson and his continued attacked of President Trump’s efforts to protect the United States and the American people.

The Trump administration has filed a motion with the Supreme Court, asking for clarification of the justices’ order upholding a version of the travel ban. The justices’ order allowed the administration to restrict entry by people from six mostly Muslim countries, except for those who have what’s judged to be a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States, including close family members.

A federal judge in Hawaii this week expanded those relationships beyond what the Trump administration approves — grandparents, for example.

The filing with the Supreme Court says the lower court’s expansion encompasses “virtually all family members,” and “reads the term ‘close’ out of the (Supreme) Court’s decision.” …

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Everyone seems to believe that federal judges are appointed for life, but that’s not what the Constitution says. It says they serve as long as they are in good behavior. When a federal judge continually rules on his own personal political agenda and not on law, he or she is no longer in good behavior and should be immediately removed from the bench and replaced with someone who will rule on law. Such is the case with US District Judge Watson in Hawaii.




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